When our earth is polluted, we human-beings tend to fall sick. Whereas the environmental issue has affected our world in various ways whether it be pollutions and enormous amount of plastic waste overflowing on landfills and water sources, plastic waste that would take forever to decompose and hazardous chemicals all caused by human actions. Without a proper system to manage the waste that we created it would lead to a large scale of contamination in soil and water affecting animals both on land and water with micro-plastics, which in the end causes large scale of death or might even cause an extinction in some species, these are all caused by human activities of disposing. In some cases we tend to eat these contaminated creatures and it leads to various kind of diseases and unknown illness. As we can see, if our environment is contaminated and polluted it would also affect us as without any doubt.

Enormous amount of plastic waste are overflowing the landfills and water sources more than ever, these plastic waste do not decompose naturally. If they were dumped beneath the ground it would take around 450 years for plastic waste to decompose.

Nowadays, in some areas, plastic wastes are disposed in an unethical method resulting in various kinds of issues such as health issue, economic problems and environmental problems affecting us humans and our surroundings such as low quality control of burning garbage causing hazardous particles being contaminated into the air we breath in, into the water we drink and the food that we cook and eat. But if these plastic wastes are left in an open area where sunlight can reach, it will slowly decompose and gives out enormous harmful particles causing cancer and manipulating our body and even destroying our respiratory system or even cause death, they are called Micro Plastic which are not visible by our sight.

Many nations worldwide has proposed the ways that we should classify our waste. Waste that could be reused and recycled will be converted into generating energy instead which helps reduce the amount of wastes and pollutions. Many of us want to be a part where we can help reduce wastes to make our earth a better place. We can all help to reduce plastic wastes in our daily life by various ways. We can start from reducing the usage of plastic bags, plastic straws and switch to a compostable products and reuse those items that are reusable.

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