Traditional Rice Farming:

After the rice harvest, the remaining stubble is left and often burned to clear the land for the next rice paddy planting. This process releases many carbon emissions and takes a heavy toll on the environment.

Thai Rice Straws:

Rather than burning the rice stubble, we use every inch of the vegetative part of the rice plant for its tubular structure that is then peeled, cleaned and cut into 100% biodegradable and organic drinking straws.

The Benefits:

Farmers enjoy more income generating yields from the original rice harvesting process by utilizing the entire rice stalk and stubble to make Thai Rice Straw.


   Air : No longer setting fire in rice paddies for controlled burns reduces carbon emissions for improved air quality.

   •Land: Rice straws are 100% biodegradable and the remaining stalks are used for mulch and composting. Since the rice straw composition is rich in potassium, 

     nitrogen, carbon and silicon, it is broken down and the nutrients are absorbed back into the soil for fertile farming in the future.

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