Sustainable Solutions for food packaging and drinking straws with Compostable Materials

Innovations in sustainable food packaging offer hope that things are changing for the better. We still have a long way to go. But there is an increasing number of businesses, manufacturers and authorities who are developing, using and encouraging the use of new and innovative materials. The aim is to replace the harmful single-use plastics upon which so much of our society relies. Sustainable food packaging is no longer just an option for when necessary. It is an urgent need. 

Rabbit go Green wants to be part in helping the community to reduce its waste by substituting the usage of plastic with organic and compostable products in our everyday life such as beverages straws, Food dishes and bowls for daily use. Rabbit Go Green want to sustain an environmental friendly environment to the society with our products which could be turned into fertilizers for plants after it decompose. Rabbit Go Green follows the social enterprise regulation and is strict with our production process to ensure that our product is met with a hygienic and sterilized product according to international standards.

Our stem Straw that is made from Natural Rice & Natural sedge will decompose naturally and will be able to use it to feed and raise farm animals which would benefit the farmers community in that area

We produces innovative food containers from leaves to substitute plastic and foam. Any kinds of large sized leaf which are tough, strong and do not contain toxic resin can be used as the raw materials. Appropriate heat and pressure are used for the production with the top and bottom layers of the container are made fresh leaves with the middle layer is a bio-plastic material made from tapioca or sugar cane starch that helps it to keep its shape. High heat at 200 degrees Celsius is used to dry the container and killing germs at the same time. It is safe for containing food

Rabbit Go Green Bamboo Straws can be used many times and is portable by a proper washing process and drying process

Rabbit Go Green Container such as betel nut and natural leaf are then manufactured into various plates and food containers for our customers

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